Welcome to New Hope’s 2022 Bible Reading Plan! Our reading this year will focus on the book of Acts and Paul’s letters to the early churches. We will read these in chronological order of the events that occurred. We will learn that the early church was very much like we are. They saw people from all backgrounds and nationalities have their lives transformed by the power of God. This new community of people spread the Good News they discovered throughout the world. We will also see that just like us, along with their new freedom and purpose, they weren’t immune to problems both inside and out. We can learn a great deal about how God wants us to live our lives in relationship with Him and others through these books. We will spend an entire week reading through one or two chapters. You can split this up and read a few verses daily, or you can read it through every day, but we will take a chunk of scripture to focus on each week.

Explore the first half of the book of Acts, where we see how the multi-ethnic Church grew through missionary journeys across the ancient world.

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Our Monday night Prayer Nights follow the 2022 Bible Reading Plan. Join us for our discussion on Facebook Live on Monday evenings at 7 pm. You can also watch on watchlive.newhope.org without chat.

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