Getting Started

"Our prayer is that no matter which approach you take this year, you will make spending time in God’s Word a priority."

We all love a good story.  We read books about them, watch movies about them, get involved in TV series with a good storyline, and get caught up in stories in the news.  Stories have the ability to cross ethnic and cultural lines and bring people to a point of commonality.  A good story is a very powerful thing.


The Bible is full of stories – stories of triumph as well as stories of failure and loss.  Have you ever wondered why God chose to put so many stories in the Bible?  Do they have any relevance for us today?

Jesus was a master story-teller and teacher.  He used stories of everyday life to draw people in to hear truth.  It’s often much easier to remember and relate to stories than to facts we have no connection to.  The stories in the Bible illustrate God’s involvement in our world and give a picture of who He is.  The Bible is full of stories of adventure and miraculous happenings, but more than anything, it chronicles the events of the greatest rescue mission of all time:  a loving God’s pursuit of each of us.


Designing a Bible reading plan for a church as diverse as ours can be difficult.  We know that we are a community with people at all stages in their faith journey.  Some of you are in the investigating phase and are not sure what faith in Jesus Christ really looks like.  Some of you have become believers, but are very new in your faith and are trying to put down roots.  Some of you have been walking with Jesus for a long time and are looking for ways to deepen that relationship or instill new life into it.  


Being a follower of Jesus is not a checklist of do’s and don’ts; it’s a relationship, and just like any relationship, it takes an investment of time to make it grow.  Setting aside time every day to be in God’s Word is a great place to start!  


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