• Emma Keeton

2021_01_08 Insight Post- Emma Keeton

“This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son of Abraham”

Matthew 1:1

I remember receiving my first New Testament as a teenager. I was determined to find out what Christianity was all about and set out to read the bible. By the time I had got to verse 18 in Matthew, all of a sudden I wasn't as enthusiastic. The long list of unusual names had my eyes crossing and I happily skipped to the birth of Jesus!

Unfortunately I had missed so much beauty about the promised birth of the Messiah. He was the long awaited savior of Israel and the answer to our sin condition.

There are 400 silent years between the book of Malachi and the opening chapter of Matthew, but we see in Matthew how God has not forgotten his people. In Genesis God tells Abraham that through him all the nations on the earth will be blessed. Matthew lays out this linage of Jesus for us that starts with Abraham and culminates with Jesus. God has kept his promise to Israel with the birth of Jesus.

Matthew also shows us how God keeps his promise of salvation in spite of sinfulness. The linage of Jesus contains a cast of characters who are not known for their righteous behavior. Rahab was a prostitute, King David was an adulterer, yet this is the family line Jesus came from. So 'Nothing can separate us from God's love' Romans 8:38. Nothing my family has done or I have done can keep me from receiving the gift of Jesus. I am forgiven and accepted into God's family. And my name is now written in Jesus' family line.


“Today God, I come to you with nothing to offer but praise and thanks. You have forgiven me for going own way and living my life separate from you. Let everything I do today, everything I think or say be like worship to you. In the powerful name of Jesus.”

Emma Keeton

Prayer Team Lead