• Emma Keeton

2021_01_15 Insight Post- Emma Keeton

Have you ever wondered why Simon, Andrew, James, and John left their families instantly and followed Jesus? As Jesus begins his public ministry, he is looking for disciples. Jesus could have gone to the temple and found biblical scholars to follow him, but instead he goes to the harbor and finds fishermen to be his followers. It's ultimately these everyday tradesmen who Jesus teaches and trusts to change the world.

These men would have likely followed the family trade because they were not able to go through the rigors of schooling past elementary age. If by the age of 12 boys could memorize the Torah (first 5 books of the bible), they could be educated further at the Synagogue. If not, boys would work instead. These fishermen had not completed school and not been chosen by a Rabbi.

Enter Rabbi Jesus. When Jesus calls Simon, Andrew, James and John he is saying, I choose you and I believe in you. No wonder these boys dropped their nets and followed Jesus! When you were drawn to Jesus by the Holy Spirit, you were also chosen. It's like Jesus is saying “I choose you and I believe in you.” And we can respond by following him.


Pause: Take a moment to be still and rest in God's Presence

Rejoice: Praise God for who he is

Ask: Speak to God and ask him for what you need

Yield: Listen to what God is saying to you. Surrender to his will today

Emma Keeton

Prayer Team Lead