• Emma Keeton

2021_04_16 Insight Post- Emma Keeton

Updated: Apr 17

This week's reading- Matthew 27

“Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.”

2 Corinthians 7:10

When Jesus died on the cross we were given free access to God. The new covenant had begun and the veil in the temple was torn. We could enter the holy of holies because Jesus' blood had paid our ransom (see Rusty's insight post from Wednesday). I am so grateful that my sin was paid for, but as a believer, I still sin and the Holy Spirit convicts me to repent. Repentance is an ongoing reality for us, but is it something we dread or something we invite?

Often, shame, guilt and embarrassment keep us from turning towards God in repentance. We don't want to name what we have done and attempt to hide our face from God (even though God knows us better than we know ourselves.) When we don't repent we can keep ourselves from moving forward over the regret of our actions. Something is missing here. Jesus paid a high price for us, yet we can live as though that is not a reality. Instead of repentance leaving us full of shame and regret, it is actually an invitation to freedom.

Unbound is a loving and powerful deliverance ministry here at New Hope that is modeled on gospel truths. The first key part of the Unbound process to to 'repent and believe.' The Greek word for repentance is Metanoia-”a change of mind that leads to a change of action.” When we have a change of action we move forward into God's kingdom. Part of fully leaving behind our regret is to believe there is NO condemnation for us in Christ Jesus. In Unbound we repent by naming our sin, no matter how small, and surrender to Jesus. When we repent in the safe knowledge of God's love for us, repentance becomes a joy because we know what freedom is in store for us on the other side!


In the name of Jesus I am sorry for.........

I surrender to you today.

Take any guilt, shame or regret away for me, I want a changed life.

Thank you for loving me so much that you died for me so I could be set free.

In Jesus name

Reference: Unbound Freedom in Christ Workbook. (2020). Jubilee Studio.

Emma Keeton

Prayer Team Lead