• Jessica Woodcock

2021_05_04 Insight Post- Jessica Woodcock

This week's reading- Mark 3-4

Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble Jesus, Jesus, You silence fear Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble Jesus, Jesus

For those of you who attended New Hope this weekend, we sang Tremble by Mosaic MSC. What beautiful words… You make the darkness tremble.

My family’s life has been difficult the past few months. Attending church each weekend, has been my lifeblood, however, as each week progresses further from Sunday, I let the darkness creep in. I allow my doubts, worries and exhaustion override the promises of God. As I sang the above words this weekend, allowing God’s grace and mercy to wash over me, I was reminded of my reading Sunday morning.

In Mark 3:10-12, Jesus is busy healing the sick. Those who desire healing eagerly push forward, trying to just touch Him. But Jesus wasn’t just healing the sick that day. Others, who were possessed by demons also approached Him and when they caught sight of our Lord, the demons who possessed them threw their bodies to the ground, shrieking “You are the Son of God!” Mark earlier recorded Jesus casting out demons in Mark 1:23-28 and in a few weeks we’ll read two more accounts in in Mark 5:1-20 & Mark 9:14-29.

In Mark 4:39-41, we read that even the winds and seas obey Him. This wasn’t the first time the seas were controlled by our Creator. In Jonah 1, we see God reminding Jonah of His power in order to turn Jonah back to His calling. In Matthew 14:22-33, Jesus walks on the water and while not as successfully, Peter does the same. And later in Acts 27, we see God as sovereign over the waves when He saves those sailing with the apostle Paul.

Over and over, we are given examples of God’s dominion over both the physical and spiritual world yet sometimes, it is still easy for us to get caught up in our day to day and to forget that His name can’t be overcome. The truth is that He does make the darkness tremble. Satan and his followers tremble at His name! He has power over the wind, seas, darkness and even death.

It is often easy to allow ourselves to be swallowed by the darkness or the waves. But we have been promised so much more! We can stand firmly on the fact that our God, our Creator, the one who cares for us more than any other, has dominion over all that we fear.

Your name is a light that the shadows can't deny Your name cannot be overcome Your name is alive forever lifted high Your name cannot be overcome

As I continue to rest in these words, my prayer is that we will stand firmly on the promises of God. That we allow Him to fill our lives and cast light into all our darkness. That we draw peace and strength from His love and that we continue to forever lift His name on high.

Jessica Woodcock

Family Ministry Administrative Assistant