• Marcy Fleurima

2021_09_06 Insight Post- Marcy Fleurima

This week's reading- Luke 7-8

Imagine this scene in Luke 7:36-50, as Jesus is at a Pharisee’s house for dinner. They are reclined at the table about to enjoy the meal and this woman comes in to be with Jesus. She’s not even looking him in the eyes. She drops straight to his feet. She is weeping so hard her tears are washing Jesus’ dusty feet. She continues kissing his feet and using her hair to wipe her tears that have splashed down off her face. She’s not done. She then anoints his feet with an expensive jar of perfume.

As Simon, the Pharisee is watching this, he is thinking to himself, if Jesus was a prophet he would surely know this lady is a sinner. Jesus knows what Simon is thinking (which is always a humbling reminder that our thoughts are known by God!) Jesus calls Simon by name and tells him he has something to say and proceeds to speak in a parable, telling a story of two people who owe money—one owes an outrageous amount and another owes a small amount. They couldn’t pay it back so the debt was forgiven for each. Jesus asks the Pharisee which person will love the creditor more to which he responded, “I suppose, the one he forgave more.”

My Bible titles this section, “Much Forgiveness, Much Love,” which made me think about this story I’ve read many times in a fresh way. Unfortunately, I have thought and acted like the Pharisees more times than I want to admit. As someone born and raised in a Christian family, I always considered myself a “good Christian girl” with no real “exciting” conversion story that some people have.

Here’s the thing: without Christ’s forgiveness, without his death and resurrection, without his love, mercy, and grace, my eternal destination is the same as someone who never accepts Him. It doesn’t matter how good we are or how much we know the Word of God or how much we serve in the church or how much money we give away or how much we fight for the things we think are right, or how much we pray or how much we fast… unless we kneel at the feet of Jesus and repent of our sins and ask for his forgiveness and accept what he did on the cross for us, we are destined for Hell. No matter how much we have sinned or how we think our sins “rank” among other people, we are sinners, not one of us is better than another. Everyone is in need of a Savior. We all need to be more like the woman who knows she is nothing in comparison to her Lord and Savior, but yet knows His perfect love sees her and knows her beyond her sin.

Any conversion story is an exciting story worth celebrating!

Let’s humble ourselves and not worry what people might think about us as we unapologetically worship Him for all he is worth and all he deserves. He deserves our everything. Oh how sweet He is.

Let’s not forget: He has forgiven much. Let’s love Him much.

Marcy Fleurima

Prayer Team Member