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2021_11_10 Insight Post- Rusty Coram

This week's reading- John 7-8

Years ago, I heard this quote, “a fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer.” The older I get the more I see the wisdom in this statement. Questions can be asked for many different reasons... Sometimes questions are raised in a serious quest for understanding and truth. Other times they are designed to trap the one being questioned, trying to get them to say something that can be used against them (welcome to US politics). And other times, questions are used to create a diversion as a way to avoid having to face a difficult situation. We see all three of these in interactions that Jesus has with people, and we can expect the same for ourselves. In the midst of fielding these types of questions Jesus says something that helps make sense of things...

In fact, what He says has been a huge source of help and comfort to me over the years. I first read this verse in The New American Standard Version translation so that’s what I’m going to use today. It says, “If anyone is willing to do His will, he will know of the teaching, whether it is of God or whether I speak from Myself.” (John 7:17) Jesus is well aware of the motives of His questioners, so He knows who genuinely want to know what is true and real. If they are willing to act on what they discover, God is ready to reveal the truth to them. This promise takes the pressure off you and me having to be perfect in our answers about who God is and why it is a joy to follow Him. Anyone that is genuine in their desire to know God and His truth will find it – God will make sure of it. But for those whose motives are less noble, the odds of convincing them to follow Jesus are slim to none. They are more interested in their own agenda, their own designs, their own will and not the Father’s. A perfect example of this happened to a writer named Paul Little. Paul was talking to a student at his college about a relationship with Jesus, and the student kept raising question after question. After a long time, Mr. Little asked the student, “If I could satisfactorily answer all your questions then would you accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord?” Immediately the student replied, “No. I don’t want anyone, including God, to have leadership of my life.”

A humble and teachable attitude leads to spiritual understanding... Without it we really can’t hear very well.

Rusty Coram

Senior Pastor