• Rusty Coram

2021_12_01 Insight Post- Rusty Coram

This week's reading- John 13-14

Each week I read the chapters from the Bible Reading Plan, and look for what stands out to me so I can write about it. I usually pick an unusual statement Jesus makes, a difficult passage to understand, or (like this time) an essential element of our faith that we must hold to tightly. In chapter 14, Jesus reiterates something that is all too often missed. Feelings, emotions, and passion are the modern metrics used to describe healthy relationships, but Jesus uses something very different to describe a healthy relationship with Him. Slowly read through the following statements a few times:

“If you love me, obey my commandments.” (John 14:15)

“Those who accept my commandments and obey them are the ones who love me. And because they love me, my Father will love them. And I will love them and reveal myself to each of them.” (John 14:21)

“All who love me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and we will come and make our home with each of them. 24 Anyone who doesn’t love me will not obey me.” (John 14:23)

Jesus says the evidence that someone has accepted Him as Savior and Leader of their life is not how they feel about Him, but whether they obey Him. Of course, we can obey Jesus’ teaching without loving Him, but we cannot love Him if we don’t choose to obey Him. Learning from His teaching just to be familiar and knowledgeable misses the point - we are to learn so that we can obey. We obey to show our love and devotion for all Jesus has done, and continues to do for us.

Rusty Coram

Senior Pastor