02.04.14 Insight Post

Reading through the story of Noah and of how he was chosen by God to build the ark has shown me something that I need to stay aware of personally. I don’t want my study of the Bible to become merely an intellectual exercise. Ultimately, I want my knowledge of the Bible to help me grow deeper in my relationship with God.

A lot of times when I read about events in the Bible I approach the stories with a ton of historical and technical questions. I want to have a full understanding of as much of the particulars as possible. In this week’s reading I'm fascinated with the unique shape and size and the specific dimensions for the ark. What was the total amount of materials and man-hours required? How long did it take for the animals to get situated in the vessel? Did some of them go into a quasi-hibernation while on the ship? How did they situate the animals to keep the ship balanced? How noisy was it onboard? How did the family divide up the labor and responsibilities? What was a typical day like while on the water?

These are interesting questions, but they really miss the one I need most to consider – how can I be more like Noah? How can I become a person like him who is righteous and walks with God (6:9)? Noah was in a world of such corruption and evil that God needed to take the drastic means we read about. Here are some questions about Noah I am thinking about this week as I read: what did Noah do to keep his focus on God? How did he resist the constant temptations around him? What did Noah do to lead his family to honor and follow God? Since God assesses him as righteous, we can assume Noah had godly compassion for others, so how did Noah try to influence his neighbors to repent and walk with God?

I'm sure that more questions will surface throughout the week, and I'm asking God to help me honestly evaluate my life to see what I can learn and apply so that, like Noah, I can be someone He can work with and through.

Rusty Coram

Senior Pastor

New Hope Church


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