02.05.14 Insight Post

The story of Noah amazes me. How much faith must it have taken to build a boat that was the length of 1 ½ football fields and 4 stories high? “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” Genesis 6:22. Noah did EVERYTHING exactly like God told him. No deviation from God’s plan.

How hard must it have been for Noah to believe that a great flood was going to cover the land? God asked him to build an enormous vessel in a landlocked area – no river, lake, or stream nearby. And then, He told him to fill it with animals. Not your everyday kind of command from God. This was big; the kind of thing that makes people say you’re crazy….

I don’t think this kind of faith happens suddenly. It develops over time, one small act of obedience after another. Noah had found favor in God’s eyes before he even pounded one nail. He knew God, and God knew him.

It’s the day by day, small acts of obedience that develop great faith. Choice by choice, decision after decision, doing the next right thing. Just as repetitive physical exercise develops muscles, repetitive obedience develops the muscle of faith. God probably won’t ask you to build an ark today, but He will ask you to obey. Obedience in the small things leads to obedience on a larger scale. What is God asking you to trust Him and obey today?

Kim Feld Director of Small Group Ministry

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