02.18.14 Insight Post

The story of God’s disruption of the tower of Babel project is a short account, but it underscores two things that are very important for us to understand:

First, human achievement can easily feed our pride. In this story the people had grown self-confident and proud of their capabilities. Instead of honoring God as the giver of talent, ability, and even life itself, the people elevated themselves (literally!) as the most important beings on earth. If we aren’t careful, our accomplishments and success in life can deceive us into thinking we don’t need God. Among professing Christians this is a temptation too. If we don’t keep our pride in check we can begin to live as “practical atheists” – saying we trust Christ but not depending on him in any meaningful way.The second important lesson from this story is the reminder of how gracious God is. His patience with such self-centered people blows me away. Instead of giving up and leaving them to their own foolish designs, God stopped their plans so they wouldn’t go further and further down a path away from Him and destined for failure. Of course God wasn’t concerned that their achievements would show Him up! No, His concern was that they would become so self-absorbed that they wouldn’t recognize their need for what only He could give – hope, love, and freedom.

Later He would send His son to the world as the ultimate act of love and kindness for people still bent on trying to make life work on their own. If it weren’t for His purposeful pursuit of us, we would all be lost and building our own towers.

Rusty Coram

Senior Pastor

New Hope Church


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