02.28.14 Insight Post

There are some great themes in the book of Joshua. One of the themes in particular is God’s sovereignty.

Sovereignty. Now that’s a big word with a lot of weight. The word literally means to have ultimate and final authority. In speaking about God, it means that God exercises His right to rule over His creation, which includes us—humans. This means that He is involved in what happens in our lives. It also means that He has the authority and right to use situations to draw us to Himself. We see God’s sovereignty at work as we read the story of Rahab (Joshua 2:1-24; 6:17-23).

God was working on drawing Rahab to Himself well before the Joshua’s spies arrived. She heard about the parting of the Red Sea, which happened a little more than 40 years before the spies showed up at her door. She also heard about how Israel’s army dismantled the powerful Amorites before making their way to Jericho. Then when the moment came…she trusted God.

It seems that God used her more than to keep the spies safe. She is an ancestor to Jesus (Matthew 1:5). If back then there were something like ancestry.com, Rahab would have been seen in Jesus’ family line. God used Rahab to change the world.

Think about how God drew you to Himself. What kind of situation or people did He use to get you to pay attention to Him? Think about what it was like when you trusted Him. What was it like when it became your faith?

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