03.05.14 Insight Post

From last week’s readings, we know that God had already spoken to Abram and told him that He was going to build a great nation out of him. God had told Abram to relocate and he obeyed. His nephew Lot went with him.

Fighting had begun to occur between Lot’s workers and Abram’s because the land was not able to accommodate all of their livestock. Clearly, they were going to need to separate, but why would Abram give the choice of which area to take to his nephew? As the elder, the right was Abram’s to choose and the fertile land of the Jordan Valley was obviously the best choice. The scripture describes it as “like the garden of the Lord.” But Abram deferred to Lot. And Lot took the best of the land.

I think Abram allowed Lot to choose because he trusted God. He knew that God would provide even though he couldn’t see the whole plan. Do you struggle with trusting God to provide? I know many times I do, in spite of all the evidence I have to the contrary. Sometimes I think God needs my help to make things work out right. Those words look so silly as I type them, but if I’m being honest, they are true.

The world tells us to fight tooth and nail to get what we think we deserve. God’s Word tells us to put the needs and interests of others above our own and trust that God has our very best in mind, always. Romans 8:31 says “…If God is for us, who can be against us?” Trust that God has it today – whatever your “it” is.

Kim Feld Director of Small Group Ministry

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