03.12.14 Insight Post

I love the characters of the Bible and what they teach about God and about us. Last week we talked about Abram’s incredible faith in following God. God gave Abram a promise that He would build a great nation through him, but sometimes God’s promises don’t come fast enough for us. Abram’s wife Sarai decided that she was tired of waiting on God so she came up with a plan to build a family through her Egyptian slave Hagar. Abram goes along with the plan. Abram, God’s friend and man of great faith, goes along with Sarai’s plan. As I climb onto my high horse of judgment for the actions of Abram and Sarai, I’m reminded of how many times I choose to take matters into my own hands because God is not moving quite fast enough for me. More times than I like to remember.

Making our own way without following God can lead to disaster. When we care more about the outcome going our way than about the process for getting there, we leave destruction in our wake. Hurt feelings and damaged relationships are often the end result. But waiting can be so very hard and Abram and Sarai had been living in Canaan for 10 years without any sign of the fulfillment of God’s promise.

Have you ever felt like God has forgotten about you? You felt so sure of something that He was going to do and then the wait feels like an eternity. Often, He has work that He wants to do within us that is every bit as important as what He’s doing for us. Don’t miss out on what He wants to teach you today because you are so anxious for the outcome.

Kim Feld Director of Small Group Ministry

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