03.28.14 Insight Post

There is a lot here in this week, Option 2 readers! We could unpack quite a few things: God giving the pink slip to Saul, David’s epic fight with Goliath, Saul becoming paranoid about David’s growing popularity, and David’s bestie relationship with Jonathan. This is all really good stuff and it even had me thinking back to one of my first messages I ever did—“Facing Our Giants”—when I was 18 and in college. I know…real original…right?!

It’s important to remember that the people we read about in the Bible are real people just like you and me. Sure…we may be from different cultures and backgrounds but when it comes down to it we’re the same sin-bent, tempted, trying to do it all on-our-own people.

With that in mind, I want to quickly walk through Saul’s struggle to follow God. The stories that we read this week are a result of Saul disobeying God (Genesis 15:1-35). I believe that this is something that we’re facing more and more of with the people that we bring through our doors—people struggling to follow God. I couldn’t agree more with Kim’s post on Wednesday about living out Found People Find People as we share Jesus’ heart toward those that are far from Him.

So as I read through this part of our reading this week, I had a couple thoughts.

  • God is always good. It’s God’s nature and character. He if wasn’t good then He wouldn’t be God. God handled Saul with discipline (took away the throne) and mercy (gave many opportunities for Saul to repent).

  • The tormenting spirit that caused the depression came from God. In the case with Saul, this is what happened. This is a result of Saul living in disobedience to God and having the God’s stamp of approval as king removed. It left Saul depressed (unhappy and despondent of God removing his as king) and fearful (not knowing how and who would take his place as king). These are symptoms when we’re not living like we should and we know it but we’re not willing to change. I believe that this spirit was from God to draw Saul to repent and ask God for forgiveness. I see that as God being good to Saul.

This story reminds me that God is always good and will allow things in my life to draw me to Him even when I’m unhappy and fearful. Let’s take the step to examine ourselves and ask God to show us an area of our life that we need to ask His forgiveness. Although it can be inconvenient, let’s commit to walking with people who are struggling at following God.

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