04.21.14 Insight Post

This is another story in the Bible that strengthens my confidence in its authenticity. If someone were writing to impress then this story would have been seriously edited to make all the people involved look better. Here is a family that is very much like many of ours, where there’s sibling rivalry and parental favoritism. Esau and Jacob are twins by birth but very different in their personalities, attitudes and intellect. Isaac and Rebecca love them but have their own problems in parenting effectively. They all have self-centered tendencies that create big problems for them and the family.I love the fact that God used each individual in this family, with both their positive and negative traits, to accomplish His perfect plans. This story reminds me that God wants to use all of us, not just the people that “seem” to have it all together. What we will see as the story unfolds is how God orchestrates learning opportunities to develop Jacob’s and Esau’s character and values so they can be instruments in accomplishing His purposes.

Rusty Coram

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