05.28.14 Insight Post

The saga of Jacob and his family continues as his father-in-law has pursued and caught up with him. Jacob had left secretly out of fear that Laban would do everything he could to stop him from leaving with his family. Jacob had learned to be deceptive in relationships as a young man growing up at home. In fact, his mother’s plan to deceive her husband Isaac, so that Jacob would get his brother’s rightful inheritance, is what forced him to run for his life years earlier.

When we are fearful, we often resort to short cuts that lead us away from faith in God. Had Jacob trusted God it wouldn’t have eliminated his fearful feelings but it would have set him up for God to protect and provide for him. In this case Jacob learns that God had already prepared a way for him and he could have saved a lot of stress and difficulty on himself and the ones he cared for if he had trusted God and been open and honest with Laban.

God will never lead us to do anything that He won't also provide the means so we can. We may feel fearful, but that doesn’t mean we have to act in fear. When we choose to trust in God’s goodness and then step out in obedience, we are in the perfect position to experience His presence, peace and provision.

Rusty Coram

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