05.30.14 Insight Post

Let’s rewind, Option 2 readers! Over the last couple of months, I missed discussing some of the big storylines: God giving the pink slip to Saul, David’s epic fight with Goliath, Saul becoming paranoid about David’s growing popularity, David’s BFF relationship with Jonathan, and Solomon having commitment issues with 1,000 ladies. This is all really good stuff and it even had me thinking back to one of my first messages I ever did—“Facing Our Giants”—when I was a college freshman. I know…real original…right?!

Although we’re reading about King Asa this week, I wanted to discuss something that I missed a few weeks ago that still relates to this week’s reading. Believe me…I think this is important because especially when we look at men and women in the Bible that have done some really unique things. Have you caught yourself thinking: It would be so cool to have been David and killed a lion with my own hands! I’ve always wanted to be the person who people carry on their shoulders after saving the day. Being king without any elections would be awesome.

I’ve even caught myself daydreaming about some of those thoughts. It’s easy when we read these awesome stories to make heroes out of the characters in the stories. Think about it…David is basically Superman. David gets all the attention because he killed lions and bears with a stick and his fist. I’m not saying that’s not awesome…because it is…but what if we’re missing a bigger part of the story.

If we’re not careful, the heroic story becomes about David or Solomon or whoever. We read it and begin to think that we are the Davids of the story. When we begin to apply the heroic story to us, we make the application to fit us and now we get all the attention. We can become the hero of the story and miss all the stories where our heros were zeros. Although I believe there is much we can learn from David, Solomon, or Asa and apply to our lives, the main point of the stories is God and how He choses to use us for His good.

So here’s an example for us to apply. There’s no question that killing Goliath makes David a hero. But read the story with this perspective—God is the main character of the Bible—instead of thinking we’re the main character. Although it would take years, God chose David (1 Samuel 16:1-13) to be king. God allowed David time to build his resume by killing lions and bears when arguably no one was around. God also placed David in a position where he had access to the battlefield and a relationship with Saul to get his approval to fight Goliath (1 Samuel 16:14-23; 17:12-31). The faith that David had to fight Goliath (1 Samuel 17:32-51) came from a relationship he had with God.

Here’s some application for us if we use this perspective. We all have and will face situations that will challenge us. Will we go into those situations with asking God to help us? How will He use this situation that I’m facing for His good? The thing that we can easily miss is David giving God all the credit (1 Samuel 17:46-47) or like Asa, this week, going right to God for help (2 Chronicles 14:11) but then later blowing it (2 Chronicles 16:7-9). When we overcome a situation, do we give God the attention or do we take the credit?

“Facing Our Giants” sounds cute and catchy but I had it wrong because I made me the main point of story.

Jeff Geyer

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