06.06.14 Insight Post

I was thinking that we ask you all to document your thoughts, yet I haven’t shown you what it looks like for me to document my thoughts. So let’s give it a shot.

Below are my thoughts on just 1 Kings 17:

  • What stood out to you?

  • Elijah seems to live in an area where it’s hard to grow crops. Regardless, Elijah trusted for God to provide and God provided for Elijah.

  • Elijah was told to go to Zarephath and he just went…period. They seem to be in a relationship.

  • The widow was told to bake with everything she had and she did. Knowing that she was providing for her son seems like a huge step of faith.

  • What questions did the story raise?

  • Who is Elijah? What’s a Tishbite?

  • Where are all these places in relation to each other?

  • I feel like I’m coming in half way through a movie. How do Elijah and Ahab know each other? Who is Ahab?

  • What is the widow’s sin? Why did she feel guilty and didn’t want to be reminded of her sin?

  • Why did Elijah lay on her son three times? Why not just say something?

  • Did the widow and her son believe in God?

  • What is your impression of God in this story?

  • He provides. He has complete control over the ravens to bring Elijah food and provides Elijah water from the brook.

  • He is the central character of the chapter.

  • He genuinely cares about the widow and her son.

  • He is powerful. He made a dead boy come back to life.

  • Who are the characters?

  • God (the LORD God)

  • Elijah

  • Ahab

  • The widow of Zarephath

  • The widow’s son

I could spend at least a couple hours just studying and looking through 1 Kings 17. There’s just so much there. Along with having the Bible open, I also use a Bible Dictionary and a Bible map as I’m observing the chapter I’m reading. I typically will hold off on the commentaries until I get a good understanding of what’s going on. When I read a commentary first, at least for me, it can taint my understanding of the chapter.

Keep up the hard work!

Jeff Geyer

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