06.16.14 Insight Post

We have had a front row seat to see how God has used people and circumstances to change Jacob; he is no longer the same man. Jacob has had an encounter with God that has been transformational, and as he makes his final preparations to meet his brother, he does so with a different heart.

I can only imagine how terrified Jacob must have been as Esau and his 400 men approach. At this point, Jacob has no idea whether he will be received or slaughtered. He separates his family in an effort to provide protection and braces for what’s to come next. Esau runs to meet him with his arms outstretched! He embraces Jacob and they both weep. What an amazing picture of forgiveness.

God can, and often does, use our circumstances to bring about change deep within us. Even when the difficulties come from our own sinfulness and poor choices. I’m so grateful that God is the ultimate Father who never gives up on His children. Even when the world writes people off as a lost cause, God never does. He is constantly at work to draw us to Himself and make us resemble Jesus as much as we possibly can.

What seemed like an impossibility a few chapters ago has happened: Jacob and Esau are reconciled. Both men have changed for the better. God offers the opportunity for change to us as well every single day. It’s up to us to decide whether we will accept His offer or not.

Kim Feld Director of Small Group Ministry

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