06.20.14 Insight Post

As I’m reading our three chapters this week, I’m stuck on 2 Chronicles 25:2, which says: “Amaziah did what was pleasing in the LORD's sight, but not wholeheartedly.”

This hit me hard. Although I’ve read dozens of theologians on what they think this means, it still didn’t lessen the impact that this verse had on me.

So here’s what we know up to verse two. It seems that this verse is tied to verse one which gives an overview and context to who Amaziah is and how he ruled as King of Judah. Remember that this time Israel was divided into two kingdoms after Solomon’s death—Israel and Judah. At 25 years old, Amaziah is taking over for his father, who was assassinated in his own bed after recovering from near fatal battle wounds. It seems like Amaziah isn’t set up for success. Although he was born into David’s royal family line, he’s been exposed to civil war, world war, the murder of his own father, and committed to a religious system that seemed to be fading. Even with all this set against him, Amaziah did what was pleasing to God but not wholeheartedly.

The word translated wholeheartedly is actually two words in the Hebrew, which when used adjectively means having a “unified attitude.” There were times when we read about Amaziah in 2 Chronicles 25 that he did the right thing, but he didn’t do it with an attitude that showed that he agreed with God. There are other times where he just did what he wanted to do as he ignored God and the prophet.

This hit me hard because there have been times where I’ve done the right thing and I didn’t agree. Whether it was with my parents or with my wife, in the end I did the right thing but with a poor attitude. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve done the same thing with God. Awhile back I felt nudged by God to apologize to someone (a biblical principle) but when I did it I didn’t mean it because I felt like I was wronged and they needed to apologize to me. Although they received the apology, they didn’t know my heart. I did the “right thing” but with a poor attitude.

I’m being challenged to do the right thing with the right attitude. Will you join me?

Jeff Geyer

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