07.10.14 Insight Post

When I get to heaven there are a lot of people I want to talk with and get to know. High on the list are Mary and Joseph. There is no indication that either of them expected “great things” to come from their life. They were just small town, working-class teens, and more than likely they planned on living life the way their families had for generations. Then the angel visited and everything changed.

One thing I admire about them is that Mary could say to the angel, without hesitation, that she couldn’t be pregnant because she and Joseph hadn’t been sexually active. They were waiting until marriage. Little did they know that their choice to honor God and wait positioned them to be used in such a miraculous way.

This story challenges me to think about how I obey and trust God. Do I do it only when I see a reason, or am I ready to obey just because I know it pleases Him? Do I pick and choose based on what I am comfortable doing, or am I motivated to obey even if it costs me?

Mary and Joseph didn’t know that they would be admired and respected by people all over the world for all time. They had no idea that they would become heroes of our faith. All they knew is that the God they loved deserved their full devotion. I can't wait to tell them “thank you!”

Rusty Coram

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