07.11.14 Insight Post

Like all of us Hezekiah had ups and downs. Hopefully as we’re growing in our relationship with Jesus, we have more ups than downs. We read this week of King Hezekiah. This is a guy who followed a long list of evil kings and made some good changes as king. Over 29 years as king, Hezekiah reformed worship by removing idols from the temple and put the focus back on God (Yahweh), had military success paralleling King David, and had a good relationship Isaiah the prophet. These were his ups.

Although he didn’t have many, Hezekiah also had some downs. One of the downs reminds me of something that I’ve done over and over again. Let’s check out 2 Kings 20:1-11. Hezekiah’s behavior is very familiar. When he got the news that his sickness was going to kill him, he “turned his face to the wall.” This basically means that he wanted to be left alone. After the room cleared, he prayed 22 words and cried.

I can relate. Two years ago I had the norovirus for seven days and I thought my life was ending. All I wanted to be was left alone. I remember as I was over the porcelain throne begging for Jesus to take me home—not my proudest moment. During the seven days, I spent some time trying to broker a deal with God. I shared with Him my resume of how I served him without much complaining and how many have been impacted by me. It was pretty self-centered as I think about it.

When I read Hezekiah’s prayer, I get caught thinking back on how self-centered the prayer actually was. God doesn’t need my resume nor does He need to be reminded of all the things He’s allowed me to do. Reading Hezekiah’s prayer challenged me to approach God with a humble attitude, even when I feel horrible. One of the interesting things about this story is that God healed Hezekiah. It was God’s grace that came through for Hezekiah.

Can you relate to Hezekiah’s down moment? How can you change your attitude when we talk to God?

Jeff Geyer

Associate Pastor

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