07.16.14 Insight Post

I have always loved this episode in Mary’s life. She has been entrusted with the most unique birth in history – as a virgin! She had to feel intense pressure and fear as she navigated through her pregnancy. In a small village, it is certain that people talked and gossiped about her. We don’t know what her parents thought and if they believed this was a miracle conception. Fortunately, Joseph did. God, who is always looking out for us, had a plan to encourage and strengthen Mary – her aunt Elizabeth. Elizabeth had a miraculous pregnancy of her own, since she was way beyond childbearing age. God in his kindness planned for Mary and Elizabeth to have the pregnancies coincide, so they could support and pray for each other. I’m sure that Joseph and Zechariah had times, too, when they met and did the same.

God never gives us assignments without making sure we have all the resources and support we need to accomplish them. Philippians 4:19 makes this clear, And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus (NIV). Mary had a huge responsibility, and it would require courage, resolve, and endurance. As we will see, along the way God continued support and encourage her. He will do the same for us if, like her, we choose to trust and obey.

Rusty Coram

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