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One of my favorite books of the Old Testament is Habakkuk. It’s a short story that we read of a man’s journey from doubt in God to trust in God. Although we don’t know how the length of time in between verses and chapters of the story, it’s a story that all of us can relate.

I’ll recap Habakkuk’s story and then outline it.

In the first four verses and the last six verses of chapter one, Habakkuk seems to be overhauled about the circumstances around him. As he is overwhelmed, he questions God’s lack of involvement in his life. After God replies to Habakkuk, he then again questions God’s method. Then the mood starts to change as we hear from God’s point of view. During the dialogue, God explains the consequences of those who are full of faith and shortsightedness. The key verse would have to be 2:4. It seems as if Habakkuk realizes that God is in control because he has a different tone in chapter three. Habakkuk’s prayer is filled with hope and trust in God.

Habakkuk’s Journey from Doubt to Trust (Habakkuk 1-3)

  • Habakkuk’s Concerns (1:1-17)

  • Context (v. 1)

  • Habakkuk Questions God’s Absence (v. 2-4)

  • God’s First Reply to Habakkuk (v. 5-11)

  • Habakkuk Questions God’s Methods (v. 12-17)

  • God’s Final Reply to Habakkuk (2:1-20)

  • Habakkuk’s Wait (v. 1)

  • God’s Reply to Habakkuk (v. 2-20)

  • Habakkuk’s Prayer (3:1-19)

  • Context of the Prayer (v. 1)

  • Habakkuk’s Prayer (v. 2-19)

  • Petition for Mercy (v. 2)

  • Proclaiming God’s Power (v. 3-15)

  • Proclaiming His Faith (v. 16-19)

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