08.08.14 Insight Post

So Jesus has been born safely and healthy. Now, Mary and Joseph take him to the temple to fulfill the requirements God set up for the child and parents. There is nothing unusual about the circumcision and purification rites. Families all over Israel understood them. What I have thought about in reading this is that Mary and Joseph had a choice here. They were away from their home town, poor and exhausted. They could have decided to save their money and time and not fulfill all of the requirements or put them off until later. No one would know.

But if they had, look at what they would have missed. God had strategically placed Simeon and Anna at the temple at just the same time. Their words were a clear reinforcement of what God was doing and a great encouragement to this young couple. By being faithful in an ordinary thing, they were positioned to experience the extraordinary.

Faithfulness in the big and small always places us exactly where we need to be to receive God’s blessing.

End the week strong!


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