08.15.14 Insight Post

One of the purposes of the Bible is for us to know God—who He is, what He’s done, what He’s planning on doing, and how He wants us to fit into His plans. The only way that we can know Him is by reading and studying the Bible.

The primary source for studying God is through the revelation He gives to us. The word, revelation, means to draw back a veil, so that something that is hidden can be seen. Additionally, revealing means making something known either in the sense of verbal disclosure or visual display. Hands down—this is what God has done with the Bible, but he’s also revealed Himself through visions and dreams.

Two of the themes of Daniel (Daniel 2, 4, 7-9, 11-12) are the dreams and interpretation of the dreams. Notice that the dreams and interpretation of dreams do not always involve an appearance of God. The catch was that not everyone could have dreams and interpret dreams. As in Daniel’s case, God handpicked men and women to give revelation to Israel (at times when they needed it the most). These men and women were not ecstatic but were under the control of the Holy Spirit as they gave the interpretation of the dream.

Daniel had an important gift—be able to interpret dreams—to reveal God to Nebuchadnezzar and others who had yet to follow Daniel’s God—Yahweh.

Jeff Geyer

Associate Pastor

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