09.05.14 Insight Post

Nehemiah is one of most favorite books in the Bible. I find myself reading this book more and more as a leader because of all the leadership principles found in Nehemiah’s memoir. Although there are more leadership principles found in the memoir, let’s look just at chapter two and see what leadership principles we can takeaway.

Do you know if you’re a leader? If you have people following you, then you’re a leader. Whether it’s kids, friends, teammates, or co-workers…all of us have been placed in a position of influence. Either we placed ourselves in that position or someone put us in that position—the only thing that matters is what are you going to do now that you’re in the position.

Before we jump into the leadership principles found in chapter two, there are some context tidbits that are helpful. Context is the reason for the text. We find that Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem thirteen years after Ezra. A couple weeks ago we read through Ezra’s record of the rebuilding process and Nehemiah is a sequel to Ezra’s writing. The other important fact that we read is that Nehemiah is a cupbearer to the Persian king. This is proof that Nehemiah showed leadership abilities and skills before coming to Jerusalem. The cupbearer was a position of trust. Nehemiah was the person who protects the king against any poison in the king’s cup.

Although there are more, there are three takeaways that I observed for aspiring leaders in chapter two:

  • When leaders know there’s a need, without being pushed, they volunteer to step up to lead. Nehemiah 2:1-8

  • Nehemiah traveled 1,500 miles in three months and then three days after arriving in Jerusalem he worked all through the night. Leaders are inspired to the work they are called to. Nehemiah 2:11-16

  • This is never fun. Leaders will always face opposition. Nehemiah 2:9-10, 17-20

Hang in there. Leadership has its moments. It also has its rewards.

Jeff Geyer

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