09.11.14 Insight Post

While the entire Bible is instructive to building our faith and practice as followers, some passages and stories occupy uniquely strategic positions. This story is one that has had a huge influence on how New Hope Church relates to all kinds of people. Our mission statement simply says, “to help all people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ” and that includes people far from God and very different than us. The Samaritan woman had a different religion, social class, education and race. The social norm was for Jews and Samaritans to avoid each other. When Jesus took the initiative to begin a conversation and treat her with dignity and respect, he was stepping into brand new territory. The result was that she found a brand new life and then told her story to others who found what she did.

New Hope strives to be a model of Jesus’ approach. We want to be initiative takers in building relationships with people who don’t yet know God and help them discover the new life that He offers. We do this by worship that is approachable, messages that are understandable, ministries that address people’s needs and community involvement that makes a real difference.

Jesus’ friendship with this woman opened the door for her and many others to find forgiveness, hope and purpose. It continues to do this as we follow His example.


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