09.22.14 Insight Post

Has Jesus ever asked you to launch out into deep waters and let down your nets? To completely and absolutely trust him even when it seems to make no sense? I’ve had times in my life when I felt Jesus asking me to do something that logically didn’t seem like the way to go. It was too risky. It was too hard. The outcome was too unpredictable. But the times that I’ve said yes to those promptings are the times that I have felt like I was more in step with him than ever before. When I’m at my weakest, he’s at his strongest.

When Peter, James, and John saw the miracle of two overflowing boats of fish, they got a glimpse of Jesus’ power. They had tried on their own all night and had caught nothing. When they saw Jesus overwhelmingly do what they couldn’t do on their own, they believed and they followed. They left behind their old life and followed him.

Each and every day, we have a choice to make about whether we will follow or not. Will I leave my old way of doing things, my comfortable way of doing things, and follow Jesus’ way? Just think what Peter, James and John would have missed if they had said no. No one but Jesus knows what you and I miss out on each time we choose to go our way as opposed to his. Jesus invites us into an adventure with him every day that will change us from the inside out. He’s just waiting for us to say yes.

Kim Feld

Director of Small Group Ministry

New Hope Church


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