09.24.14 Insight Post

In this episode where Jesus is recruiting his disciples, Peter says something that shows why Jesus chose him and what it is he is looking for in you and me. Peter is a professional fisherman and is exhausted after a long night’s work with little to show for it. Peter honestly and respectfully replies to Jesus that he just doesn’t see any good reason to try again. He then goes on to say the five words that we all should be ready to say, “but if you say so”. (Luke 5:5) Peter then does as Jesus asked and discovers that Jesus knows what he is talking about!

How many times have I sensed God asking me to do something and then dismissed it due to my own insight? What would happen if instead I prayed and discussed things with him? And isn’t it ALWAYS right to end the discussion with, “but if you say so”? And what about all the direct teaching in the Bible where it is clear what God wants me to do, like giving 10% of my income, forgiving those who have wronged me, etc.?

Peter’s five words set an example for all of us who claim to be Jesus’ followers. God help me to follow.


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