10.15.14 Insight Post

This week’s reading included two distinct parts. Kim explained the first, which was the calling of Matthew (Levi) to be a disciple. If you missed her post, please go back and read it. It's excellent and challenging.

In the second part we are reading, Jesus follows up the criticism from the Pharisees using two illustrations to show why they resist him. Tearing a patch from a new garment to repair an old one doesn’t make sense. Neither does putting wine that needs to ferment and expand into an old, rigid skin. A takeaway from this is that as followers we need to be open to new ideas and directions from God. All too often, churches get so attached to doing and thinking certain ways that they reject new ideas and methods that God is trying to lead them into. It might be worship styles, ministry projects that we are invested in or other things that have meant a lot to us, but might need to be refined or retired for the sake of helping more people connect with Jesus.

My prayer is that New Hope will be a community that holds tightly to the truth but remains open to new ways to accomplish our mission.

Rusty Coram

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