11.05.14 Insight Post

I’ve never had a chronic medical problem like this woman. For years she struggled with a debilitating illness that affected her constantly. I’m sure she had tried every practical (and impractical) solution she heard about, but nothing worked. In her desperation, she sought out Jesus. Over the years, I have seen something just like this happen around me at New Hope. I’ve witnessed people whose lives have been devastated by illness, broken relationships, heartache, habits and addictions coming to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, God would take pity on them and help. And then I witnessed them acting on this hope by coming to a weekend service. This week, I talked with a single mother who was in a very similar situation, and she discovered God’s inviting and healing love when she took the risk and got involved at New Hope.

We seldom know the degree of suffering the people around us are dealing with, but we can know that by creating a genuine and welcoming place at New Hope, many will discover the healing and hope God offers them through our care and concern. Jesus is very aware of the woman in this story, and all who struggle and hurt. Let’s join him in being sensitive and ready to help!


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