11.21.14 Insight Post

To be open, I have always been honest in each Friday post. This week I’ll be lying.

Just kidding.

This week I’d like to take a page from Paul’s playbook in Galatians 4:8-17. I’ll share a couple things that I struggle with as one of your pastors. So this post will read a little different.

As we read this week’s reading, did you notice Paul’s intensity and honesty in Galatians 4:8-17? This was a pastor’s heart put on display for everyone to hear and see. Galatia was a state or region that had several cities where Paul started churches. He spent a number of years getting these churches up and running. I think of the countless conversations, Sunday messages, counseling appointments, discipling new leaders, and mentoring that Paul did over those years. Exhausting. Rewarding.

Then when he handed it off to someone else and then moved to another state/region, false teachers came in and taught something much different that Paul taught them and they started to believe it. Argh. All the countless hours spent investing into their lives and then believing something that sounds Christian but isn’t (legalism). Painful.

I totally get it. When I’m reading this passage, I feel what Paul was feeling. Over the last 13 years of ministry, I think of the countless conversations every week, weekend messages, weekly counseling appointments, and discipling new leaders. These are people that I’ve invested in. Time spent away from my family and the things that I enjoy doing to invest. There have been times where the same people that I’ve spent so much time with have walked away from Jesus, spouse, kids, jobs and have bought into what someone said who doesn’t even believe in Jesus.

Notice verse 17—“zealous to win you over.” This is the thing that I find to be so true. Our culture is so committed to win people over to its views and it only seems that our culture is progressing further away from Jesus. Millions and billions of dollars are spent in media alone.

Like Paul, I struggle because of how much I care and love the people God has called me to pastor. My peace is that God is ultimately responsible in drawing His creation to Himself.

Jeff Geyer

Associate Pastor

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