12.18.14 Insight Post

Like so many of the events recorded in Jesus’ life, this one is loaded with insights about God, people and faith. Something that strikes me here is how our willingness to see things, colors what we are able to see. The blind man is willing to listen to Jesus and is open to the possibility that his situation could change. He demonstrates this openness by following Jesus instructions and by allowing Jesus to put mud in his eyes and then washing the mud out in the specific place Jesus said. Instead of bitterness, cynicism or hopelessness, this man demonstrated an open mind and heart. On the other hand, the religious know-it-alls were unwilling to see anything outside their own agenda and interests – even after getting the facts! Their hardness of heart blinded them to the reality of who Jesus really is. We also see how fear can affect us in that the man’s parents, who had to be elated that their son was now whole. They knew what happened, but their fear of being rejected from the community led by the Pharisees, lead them to be silent.

All of these had access to the same facts, but the difference, and it is a huge and life impacting difference, is in the willingness of their minds and hearts to be open and available to what God is offering.

“Father, help me to be like the blind man that could see what was really going on!”


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