02.09.15 Insight Post

I’ve always been fascinated by this story. I wonder what was running through Moses’ mind when he was out in the wilderness completely alone except for the flock that he was tending, and something strange caught his eye: a bush that was burning but didn’t burn up. He went closer and then heard God’s voice speaking to him from the flames. Can you imagine? Part of me wishes for God to speak to me in a similar way and then part of me is terrified at the thought!

This encounter with God is unique in the way that it happened, but also in what was communicated to Moses. God basically lays out the entire plan of what’s going to happen in freeing the Israelites from Egypt. Moses is understandably reluctant to take on this huge task, but God gives him reassurance, “I will be with you.”

The job that God was giving Moses was a huge one and we are going to spend the next several weeks delving into all the details of it. One constant throughout it all was God’s reassurance, His promise to always be with Moses. He makes the same promise to us today.

God could have chosen any means of speaking to Moses, but it stands out to me that he chose to communicate in a way that defied Moses’ previous experience – the bush burned but not in the way he knew fire to consume. Throughout this journey God will reveal His power to Moses in multiple ways, proving that He is I AM – no beginning, no end, in existence by Himself and constrained by nothing. It’s so hard for me to wrap my mind around that and I often make God so much smaller than He is in an effort to understand Him. But God is not small. He’s greater and mightier than anything that I might look to for comparison.

How has God tried to get your attention lately? I believe He’s always at work and His desire is for us to join Him. He may not speak to me through a burning bush today or ask me to help free an entire nation from slavery, but He is at work and He has a purpose for me to accomplish if I’m open to listening to Him when He speaks. Maybe the first step is to reignite our sense of awe in who God is. He is I AM.

Kim Feld

Discipleship Director

New Hope Church


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