02.19.15 Insight Post

Moses has just had an amazing encounter with God and now he is given the assignment to go back to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to let His people go. Moses’ response is to immediately object and try to change God’s mind with some understandable, but never-the-less lame excuses like, “They won’t listen to me!” “I’m not a good communicator!”

God patiently gives Moses a sample of some of the persuasive techniques that will eventually lead Pharaoh to relent. As a spectator, reading with the vantage point of history, Moses comes across as a man of small faith. But remember, he didn’t have the full knowledge of God’s ways and purposes that we do. At times, I have even caught myself thinking that if God came to me like He did Moses, I would have jumped at the chance to heroically run back to Egypt and teach Pharaoh a lesson he would never forget! The truth is that I have no reason to criticize Moses at all.

God has proven to me over and over that He is totally faithful. The same God that rescued me from my former life of all kinds of powerful sin habits and addictions has never failed me – ever. Yet there are times when I let my fears keep me from simply obeying Him in everyday things like speaking up when I might be judged, forgiving someone who is unrepentant, generous giving that will cost me some comfort…you get the picture.

As we will see, Moses became a hero of the faith and not because he was special. He became a hero because he learned to trust and obey his God who is special!

Hang in there,


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