03.12.15 Insight Post

As I read the history of God using Moses and Aaron to rescue the enslaved Israelites, I try to put myself in their place. Of course, this is a tough task since I’ve never been a slave laborer nor lived under a brutal regime like Pharaoh’s. In the time since Joseph brought them to Egypt, they had gone from safety to being increasingly controlled and harnessed as laborers, barely a step above farm animals in the eyes of the Egyptians. Now God is going to free them and in a way that will be remembered throughout history.

Because God has bigger plans for their release than just for them, He wanted this to be a testimony for the whole world to see and remember. This explains the deliberate nature of the plagues as they systematically confronted Egypt’s multiple “gods” rendering them impotent and showing that in all ways, He is the real God of gods and Lord of lords.

When I think about this. it helps me understand how God works in my life. Of course, He cares about me as His child and promises to meet my needs, but He also is working to display Himself through how He works in and through me to a watching world. This means that if I get sick, He may heal me to display His power or He might allow me to remain ill and show how He provides strength, courage and hope so that I can endure. Both scenarios fit within the big purposes of God. The story of God rescuing the Israelites is one where God is leaving an indelible imprint of His power and presence for all to see – the Israelites, Pharaoh, Egypt, neighboring nations and the rest of the world, as the story has been told. I want to live a life of faith where He can do the same in and through me.


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