Option Two- Week of March 16

Get Started: Whether funny or serious, what are some things that are hard to trust? How do you react to these things? More seriously, has there been something or someone that has caused you to have trust issues?


For all of us, there are things that are hard to trust. It could be a bad experience; it could be unproven; it might be hard to understand; or the thing just doesn’t make sense. Some of us don’t understand all the physics it takes to get a plane to fly, but we trust it enough to get on. What are some other examples of things that might not make sense to us, but we trust them anyway?

The virgin birth of Jesus can seem the same for us. It’s something that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Take a few minutes to read Matthew 1. We learned that the virgin birth is necessary for salvation. Why is the virgin birth necessary for salvation? How does the virgin birth impact Jesus’ life?

Take a few minutes to read Matthew 1:18, 25 and Colossians 2:9. What is the virgin birth? Although it would have been possible for God to bring Jesus into this world other ways, He chose to do it this way. As you read through the story in Matthew 1, how did God bring Jesus into this world? Who were the main characters? With Jesus born in this way, how was He able to experience the things we’ve experienced? Does this impact how we can trust Him?

One of the reasons we need the virgin birth, is that it’s God’s answer to our depravity. Read Romans 5:12-21. How do we get our sinful nature? How did Jesus’ birth effect whether or not He had a sinful nature?

Another reason we need the virgin birth is that it’s God’s answer to our dysfunction. Read Galatians 4:1-7. How do we try to earn God’s grace? Why do we try to earn it? What does the virgin birth provide us?

We also need the virgin birth because it’s God’s answer to our doubt. For those who are followers of Jesus, how can we trust Him with our soul, but struggle to trust Him with our doubt? Although Islam teaches (Chapter 19 of the Qur’an) that Jesus was Mary’s son, who she had without any help from a man, the details are very different than what we find in Mathew and Luke’s accounts. We looked at four predictions from the Bible of Jesus’ birth that are consistent with history and God’s timing (the predictions and Bible verses are in the message notes). What stands out with these predictions?

What does the virgin birth mean to you? How does it change your relationship with Jesus? How can you believe God can do the impossible in your life? What are some ways that you need God to come through? How can you trust God to keep His word and promises?

Next Steps:

Talk with your small group leader about taking these possible next steps.

  • Start reading the Bible and praying regularly (start with 10 minutes a day).

  • If you know someone who has questions about their faith or about Jesus, invite them to New Hope next week.

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