03.20.15 Insight Post

I remember hearing the story of Daniel Webster, a ninetieth century American senator, answering the question about the virgin birth of Christ. The story goes like this. Daniel was at a dinner with very important men in Boston. During dinner, the conversation turned to the subject of Christianity. Daniel made a judgment call to share his belief in Jesus’ virgin birth and that it was necessary to Jesus’ atoning work. One of the men said to him, “Mr. Webster, can you comprehend how Christ could be both God and man?” Daniel quickly replied, “No, sir, I cannot comprehend it. If I could comprehend him, he would no greater than myself. I feel that I need a super-human Saviour.”

Couldn’t agree more.

I need Christ to be more than who I am. No matter how noble it would be for another sinner to take place…it wouldn’t make a difference. We need someone perfect and sinless to take our place and satisfy God’s perfect standard. That someone was Jesus. The virgin birth is part of Jesus being God—perfect and sinless.

The virgin birth made it possible for the uniting of the fullness of God and the fullness of humanity in one person. Jesus was born of a virgin so that He didn’t lose any divine nature and didn’t add our sinful nature. Although it would have been possible for God to bring Jesus into this world another way, He chose to do it this way—the best way to identify with us. With the virgin birth, Jesus experienced the things we’ve experienced so we could trust Him in our situations.

Jeff Geyer

Associate Pastor

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