05.08.15 Insight Post

I have to say that I had a lot of fun tag teaching with Rusty last week. We received lots of good feedback from guests and attenders about this past weekend.

Let’s circle back to this big idea: following Jesus is about submission to what He wants for us, not permission to do whatever we want. Jesus talks to his followers that they are considered friends when they trust and obey His commands (John 15:14). Deep down I want to be considered Jesus’ follower and friend. More than I want to admit, I’ve had a hard time trusting and obeying Jesus as the Leader of my life.

I believe there’s a big difference with submission and permission. Submission asks: What can I do for you? Whereas permission asks: What can you do for me? Like other followers I’ve met, we can get trapped thinking that we’re in so we can do whatever we want. We fail to realize that everything we do affects everyone we know—spouses, kids, co-workers, teammates, and neighbors.

The other thing that we don’t remember regularly is that God wants more for us that we want for us.

If God would give me the opportunity to plan out my life when I was 18, I would have regretted it a month in. Looking back, I’m glad that God is ultimately in control and directing my life. I look back and see Him intervening and making things so much better. Times where He allowed me to suffer longer than I wanted and other times where He stepped in and caused me to slow down.

It might be good to stop and thank Him for wanting more for us than we could ever want.

Jeff Gyer

Associate Pastor

New Hope Church


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