05.15.15 Insight Post

Inspired. I try not to use that word a lot. That’s how I would sum up Rusty’s message this past weekend. If you missed last weekend, you can watch it here.

The thing that inspired me was the reference to Proverbs 14:26: “Those who fear the Lord are secure; He will be a place of refuge for their children.”

Our kids are a gift from God. They are not yours…they are His. God has graciously allowed us to be the guards and protectors of their little souls. My fear has been that we haven’t lived up to that. I believe that there’s an epidemic of parents centering their life on their kids. They are devoting their time, energy, and resources to their kids before their marriage and their relationship with God. It’s dads and moms living vicariously through their kids.

I don’t want to lose 18 years with my wife. I’ve talked with too many people that when it has been about their kids for 18-25 years, they’ve lost those 18-25 years with their spouse. Unfortunately, their spouse didn’t have their attention and affection. Husbands are not cultivating their relationship with their wives; and wives are not respecting their husbands. One reason that some marriages have ended after 18-25 years is because spouses were more focused on being dads and moms instead of being husbands and wives first.

Something that I’m learning is God didn’t make Himself a dad so that I would understand being a dad. God made me a dad so that my daughter can better understand Him. We, as parents, need to fight the temptation to take over the role of Jesus in the lives of our kids. Parents who try to be everything to their kids leave nothing for their spouse. The spousal relationship is the top relationship in marriage, next our walk together in Christ. This relationship was before the kids, during the kids, and will be after the kids. The marriage relationship was intended to last a lifetime.

I want God to be that place of refuge for our kids.

Jeff Gyer

Associate Pastor

New Hope Church


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