Option Two- Week of June 15th

Get Started:

What we believe really does determine whatwe do. How do you handle the following situations?

  • Long lines at the store in a time crunch

  • Find out that traffic is backed up on your way out of town

  • Ratings on a restaurant that you really want to try


Our relationship with God can be the same way. What we believe about Him determines what we do. What do some of your skeptical friends and family believe about God? What factors play into their beliefs and views?

The amount of time we put into our relationship with God is an accurate picture of how we view Him. What does a relationship with God look like? If your unbelieving friend asked you how to have a relationship with God, what would you say? Why is God worth spending time with? How much time do you spend with God in a normal week?

Take a few minutes to read Matthew 28:7 and John 21:1-3. What did Jesus tell the disciples? Was it specific or general? Sometimes it can be the same way with us. How do you respond when you feel led by God to do something but there’s no specifics?

Continue reading John 21:4-8. How does Jesus standing on the beach at dawn impact the story? How do the disciples respond? How do you respond when Jesus feels far away? How do you respond when you’re in a drought (relational, spiritual, financial)? How important is it to have other people in your life telling you that Jesus is at work in your life?

Continue reading John 21:9-14. How does the fact that Jesus had fish and bread waiting for them impact the rest of the story? What does it mean for us? How has Jesus come through for you recently?

Like the disciples, our success is based on our obedience to Jesus. In what areas of your life do you feel that you start listening more to Jesus? From the story, we see that Jesus wants to spend time with us. When we go on vacation this summer, it’s usually filled with spending time with people. What are some practical ways we can spend time with God this summer? Where do you want your relationship with God to go?

Next Steps:

Talk with your small group and your small group leader about taking these possible next steps.

  • Pray regularly (start with 5 minutes a day).

  • Ask God for forgiveness for not having a healthy view of Him and your relationship with Him.

  • Download the Bible App, the Bible App for Kids, and the New Hope Church App.

  • Make a plan to read the Bible yourself and then with your family (spouse, kids).

  • If you know someone who has questions about their faith or about Jesus, invite them to New Hope next week.

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