08.26.15 Insight Post

This is an amazing experience for Jesus’ inner circle – Peter, James and John – who would soon be key leaders of the early church. Moses and Elijah represented the promise in the Old Testament of God’s coming kingdom and how Jesus was ushering it in. Jesus meeting with them and then the Father’s praise made clear that Jesus was the Messiah. This was something that the three didn’t understand at the time, but would later when Jesus was resurrected. This experience would also encourage and bolster them as they faced danger and persecution like we see in the book of Acts.

I have had a few experiences where God did something completely out of the ordinary that I could only attribute to Him. When we moved to Northern VA to start New Hope, I had a 1965 Mustang. It was a good car and I had done a lot of restoration work on it, but not all of it. One day, I was driving to an appointment and as I crested a hill, I saw a red light at the bottom so I put on the brakes…well I went through the motion at least. The brake pedal went to the floor and the car continued to pick up speed – no brakes at all. Speeding down the hill toward the intersection and all I could do was jerk the wheel to the right and pray. The next thing I knew, my car had made a 90 degree turn and never touched another vehicle. An Indy car driver couldn’t have made that turn. It wasn’t possible, yet I was there and it happened. Soon afterwards, we discovered that my brake line had completely snapped. Today, whenever I drive over the Commerce Street bridge, I remember that day and how God protected me. That experience has stayed with me over 20 years and reminds me to know that God is with me no matter what happens.

Our faith shouldn’t rest on unusual experiences like this, but there may be times when God pulls back the curtain to show us that He is with us. Whether or not you have had something like this happen, our faith doesn’t depend on exciting interventions of God, but on the death and resurrection of His son who came to take away our sin and guilt. That is something to be excited about every day!



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