Option Two- Week of August 31st

Get Started:

Talk about a time that you blew up. What led to the blow up? What is something you learned about yourself? Is it resolved?


The big storyline from McFarland USA is the steps Coach Jim White took to bounce back after he blew it. The big idea is the only difference between anger and danger is a ‘d’. We find out that Coach White lost his temper with the arrogant, disrespectful senior quarterback. What are some circumstances that cause us to lose our temper? As we think deeper, what are some reasons we lose our temper?

Take some time to read these verses on controlling our temper: Proverbs 12:16, 15:1, 19:11, 25:28 and James 1:19.

We find Coach White owning up to his failure and embracing the consequences. Take a moment to read James 5:16. What does it look like to apologize? How do you “confess” a sin to someone? James mentions healing, so how does healing fit with apologizing?

After losing their first match because they were not prepared to run uphill, Coach White begins to train his team differently. Take a moment to read Galatians 5:16. How do you need to ‘train differently’ or handle the circumstances causing you to lose your temper differently? As follower of Jesus, what role does the Holy Spirit play in helping us get better at controlling our temper?

Every good teacher still needs teaching. Coach White humbles himself to learn from the people he’s teaching and training. Take a moment to read Psalm 141:5. What are some things you can learn? Who are you inviting to kindly speak truth to you?

After training differently, the team is still focused on the mountains they’ll be racing up. Coach White tries to shift their focus from the negatives to the positives. Take a moment to read Proverbs 4:23. What keeps you focusing on the negatives? What can make you cynical? How does focusing on the negatives negatively impact you? How can you break through the negativity and cynicism?

Next Steps:

Talk with your small group and your small group leader about taking these possible next steps.

  • Watch the movie, McFarland USA, with your spouse, teenager, friend, and/or small group.

  • Memorize one, a couple, or all of the verses on controlling your temper.

  • If there’s anyone you need to apologize to, make time this week to do just that.

  • Ask God for strength to allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

  • Consider attending Celebrate Recovery for your anger management.

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