09.04.15 Insight Post

There is a story about a father and son working on a car together. Something that started out as a great experience ended with the father breaking the boy’s hand and ending up in jail. The little boy had scratched “I love you Dad” into the car and the father had lost control.

As I hear about that story, I wonder how that little boy will grow up? Will he learn the behaviors of his dad? Has this changed their father-son relationship forever? Has the father exampled for his son how to overcome and bounce back? Has the son lost trust and the feeling of safety with his dad? Does the father now have perspective—removing a scratch is easier than resolving his son’s trust?

Although it’s true we’ve all blown it, it’s also true that not of all us have bounced back. Some of us are still being defeated by learned behaviors, unresolved conflicts and issues, and not keeping our emotions in check.

If you’re a follower of Jesus, there is nothing stopping us from bouncing back after we’ve blown it. Jesus promises us forgiveness. The Holy Spirit promises to guide us if we let Him. It means discipline. It means feeding the Spirit living in us and starving our sinful self-destructive nature. It comes by prayer, surrendering pride and control, reading and memorizing Bible verses like James 1:19. It invites people to hold the mirror in front of us.

Although I’m not the little boy in the story, I’ve had to fight learned behaviors that were sinful and destructive. Outside of memorizing Bible verses, I keep a picture of my wife and daughter on my phone and in my car. It’s a reminder than I don’t want to hurt those closest to me. It’s a reminder that I want my daughter to learn better behaviors that honor Jesus and people.

Have you bounced back with Jesus’ help?

Jeff Geyer

Associate Pastor

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