09.07.15 Insight Post

I think it’s human nature to want to be number 1. Our natural inclination is to put ourselves first, but Jesus’ teaching turns that upside down. He says in order to be great, you must serve and He demonstrated that by giving His very life for all of us. Serving doesn’t come naturally.

We are all given many opportunities every day to serve. It could be with our families, serving when it’s really hard and we may get nothing in return. It could be at work, where our efforts may not be recognized or appreciated. It could be while driving, when we are faced with the choice to get ahead or let someone get in front of us. It could be at church when after a busy week, the very last thing we want to do is serve. All of us are faced with this idea of serving every single day. What we do with the opportunities presented to us matters.

Allowing Jesus to change us from the inside out is hard work. It’s a struggle to go against what’s “natural” to pursue what’s “supernatural”. That’s why for those of us that have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we get a Helper. The Holy Spirit is constantly at work in the life of a believer to form us into the image of Jesus. He does that by convicting us of the sin in our lives that doesn’t make us look like Jesus at all. He also works in the deepest places of our hearts where our attitudes reside to give us a heart of flesh, soft and open to His work.

The way we serve is a good indicator of the work that Jesus is doing in our lives. It’s normal to want to put ourselves first, but as believers, we are called to more than normal. We are called to live a life that is so different from those around us that they are drawn to Jesus. The way we serve is one of the ways we do that. Here’s a question to search your heart about today: Would anyone around me know that I’m a follower of Jesus based on how I serve?

Kim Feld

Discipleship Director

New Hope Church


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