09.23.15 Insight Post

This brief episode takes place during worship at the temple when the offering is being collected. It was different than how we do it at New Hope, as there were collection boxes for various kinds of offerings and the people would go to them to deposit their financial support. You can imagine the scene as people crowded around the boxes and the sounds of coins dropping. In the midst of it all was a poor woman who quietly dropped two coins whose value wouldn’t affect the temple budget in any real way. Yet…Jesus, who has been watching all the giving, singles her out as the most generous. I love this about Jesus and it scares me a little too. He sees everything about us - not merely our actions but our intentions and motives behind them. I love this because there are times when I am trying to do something and my words or actions can be misunderstood, but never by Jesus. His insight scares me at times because when I have ulterior motives that go undetected by others, they never are by Him.

When this poor woman gave all she had, Jesus saw her utter dependence and devotion to Him. Her tiny coins didn’t compare to the large gifts that others gave from their surplus of wealth. Their support was important for the caring of the Temple and was probably celebrated by all. This woman’s offering was unnoticed by the crowd, but it caught the attention of her Lord. We don’t know any more of her story, but I am convinced that she experienced both God’s peace and His provision as the day progressed. When you and I express our devotion and dependence on Him by giving sacrificially, we can count on God noticing and caring for us out of His resources. When we do, it makes our relationship with Him deep, real and alive.

Hang in there!


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