09.25.15 Insight Post

I believe all of us want to feel like we have purpose. I believe it’s a longing that all of us have from day one. We’ve been created on purpose and for purpose by God. Discovering our purpose has been made difficult because all of us have sinned. Our sin has created this me-centered philosophy. This philosophy is proven by the way we tell God to meet our demands, by the way we dismiss God when everything is going well, or by the way we avoid owning up to our self-destructive decisions.

When thinking about having our desire for purpose, I came across this analogy this week. Imagine I buy a treadmill to lose some weight. Three months later, I take it back to the store and complain to the clerk that it didn’t work—I didn’t lose a pound. He asks me, “Did it not work properly?” I respond: “I don’t know if it works. I never ran on it. I just know I didn’t lose any weight, so I am done with it!”

Familiar? You’ve prayed for your spouse to come back but you’re verbally abusive to those around you. Maybe you are praying for a financial breakthrough but you still live on credit cards. It’s possible you’re a really good person but you haven’t made Jesus the Leader of your life. You’re begging God to give you purpose but you’re relying on what makes sense to you.

The enemy of discovering your purpose is believing that you don’t have to anything and God will just give it to you. How we’re handling some of these longings is no different than the treadmill analogy. I don’t believe our purpose is something that we have to find. God didn’t hide our purpose from us. It’s God’s MO to have us play an active role in having purpose.

If you’re praying for your spouse to come back, you need to stop being verbally abusive. God’s purpose for you in marriage is to reflect God’s incredible patience and love that He has with us to your spouse. If you’re praying for a financial breakthrough, stop living on money you don’t have. God’s purpose for you is to work, give, save, and live within your means.

Let’s participate with God.

Jeff Geyer

Associate Pastor

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